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Founded by two intrepid brothers more than 25 years ago, our company has adventure etched into its DNA. And though we began as rafting experts, we’ve evolved to integrate authentic cultural, culinary and family experiences into our journeys. Through our years of experience as passionate pioneers, we have crafted fun and inspiration, learning and safety, plus flexibility, into everything we do.

We grew out of sustainable practices and our belief in family values, naturally integrating them everything we do. In our world, everyone benefits positively.

Opuntia Galapagos Hotels

Our Waterfront Hotels

Opuntia Hotels is a network of leading Galapagos oceanfront properties committed to personalized service and warm hospitality. Each hotel has its own charm, and all subscribe to the highest standards of quality, comfort, and sustainability. You can choose from two levels of service:

  • Opuntia Select Hotels offer a high-end experience, including spas, restaurants, swimming pools, and ample space for relaxation.
  • Opuntia Comfort Hotels offer great value accommodations with a boutique touch. Breakfast included.


Travel Styles

Signature Experiences

Effort: Easy

Signature Galapagos Journey, 7 Days

Our Signature Journeys take you to a very different Galapagos, steering you away from the crowds, the strict schedules and large groups; and crafting a personalised, customized, flexible itinerary that allows you to have the best wildlife encounters, discover authentic local communities and enjoy the finest culinary experiences. Perfect for honeymooners, family groups and those who want alternatives to traditional cruise island visits.

Culture Experience on Trip to Galapagos

Culture & Community interaction

Effort: Easy

Signature Journey Quito and Andes, 5 Days

We´ve crafted our exclusive Quito and Northern Andes Signature Journey with a high level of personalized options, ranging from close and authentic encounters with local artisans, artists, chefs; to luxury accommodations, superior customer service and private guides. Our culinary experiences flow between gourmet and organic, to street and market food.

Culture & Community Interaction in Colomia

Adventure inspiration

Effort: Moderate

Galapagos Multisport Adventure 5 Or 7 Days Tour | Essential

Expand your knowledge and understanding with top naturalist guides and relax in charming hotels that work hard each day to minimize their environmental impact. Enjoy the reassurance of a curated, well thought-out itinerary with activities that don’t require any former experience or training – all you need is your drive to make lasting memories with the people you love

Galapagos Kayaking with Friends

Family Trips

Effort: Easy

Galapagos Family Adventure 7 Days

Our Family Adventure provides the perfect opportunity for parents, small kids and teens to try new experiences in a safe and inspiring environment. You could plunge into the ocean surrounded by darting sea lions, feel the rush of the wind as you hurtle towards the beach on a mountain bike, hear the amplified
drip of water as you duck through a cave, or climb to the top of a lookout point and feel like the king of the archipelago. These are the moments that build confidence and breed joy, allowing families to bond in the spirit of adventure.

Family Touring the Galapagos Islands

Foodie immersion

Lets Plan Your Trip!

Galapagos For Foodies, 8 Days

Experience the most original foodie Galapagos wildlife experience. Encounter wildlife and learn about the natural history of Galapagos Islands, while your chef, host, and naturalist guide shares his insight into local markets and recipes, creates gourmet dishes with local and organic products and takes you on a foodie journey that will transform your senses. This program is a priceless opportunity to learn new recipes and savor the finest products of one of the best-preserved islands on Earth.

Foodie Immersion Tour in Colombia