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Admiring Sunset in the Galapagos


This is your planet. Get to know it.


Discover the best of South America’s natural history, culture, and adventure with the experts. We have spent almost three decades scouring the craggy gorges of the Andes, the steaming forests of the Amazon, and the blackened volcanic landscapes of the Galapagos Islands, carving out routes where no-one had ventured before. Along the way, we encountered delightful communities, intriguing cuisines, and beautiful ways of life. And we want to share it all with you.

Diversity of Wildlife. Landscapes of Dreams. The Call of Adventure

Galapagos Tours

Like a mirage in a desert, the Galapagos Islands appear as if they’d been imagined by a lost adventurer: 600 miles (926 km) west off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, quite apart from, and unlike, anything else on the planet.

This natural hotspot on the Earth’s waistline emerged from deep within its core, spluttered out during a long, turbulent history of volcanic fury. Isolated and connected only to the heart of our world through its periodic outbursts, the 53,000 square mile- (138,000 km2-) archipelago has become a world in itself, a pristine environment of shifting landscapes, filled with fantastical creatures who blend into the blackened lava formations.

Underwater, an alternative cosmos awaits, where dashes of color and colossal monsters patrol and thrive. This is the essence of life itself, the physical manifestation of the intentions of the Universe.


Ecuador, Four Worlds In One Destination

Ecuador Tours

Ecuador is a small country located in the northwest of South America just right onto the Equator, that’s how it got its name and it is one of the most culturally and environmentally diverse countries in the world. It is normal to travel in just one day through the 3 worlds of because of its small size. You can recognize the wonders and all the diversity of the Amazon, go across the Andes observing at their magnificent volcanoes, and finally go down to the coast to enjoy beautiful beaches in the Pacific.
Ecuador has been a major contributor to history research as the first scientific expedition for the measurement of Earth’s circumference directed by the French Charles-Marie de La Condamine. Also a great importance to science by having contributed to the studies of evolution, geography and ecology by the naturalist scientists Charles Darwin and Alexander von Humbolt.

The Capital of Ecuador is Quito, World Cultural Heritage, and winner for the fifth consecutive year of the award for best tourist destination in South America. This is due to its best preserved historic center in Latin America, combined with its diverse cuisine and high-level cultural attractions.

Ecuador became notorious in tourism for the Galapagos Islands and the natural and cultural diversity which is very attractive for tourism. It is known as well for the massive oil exportations, and agricultural products such as cacao, banana, and flowers.


An Opportunity To Explore The Unknown

Colombia Tours

Colombia is located in the north of South America, and occupies the 26th place of the largest countries in the world because of its extension that has 1,038,700 km2 of land and 100,210 km2 water, making a total area of 1,138,910 km2. This nation is blessed for having from high Andes Mountains to Caribbean and Pacific beaches, but also unspoiled Amazon jungle. Besides archeological and colonial treasures, and wonderful cities, in other words, Colombia is contemplation, comprehension, and conservation.

Colombia is a marvelous country that has the whole package, if you want to be amazed and know a little of everything you should make up your mind and come to this wonderful Country, where you will find from beautiful Caribbean and Pacific shores with stunning beaches highlighting the turquoise warm waters and white sand beaches, coral reefs and islands gorgeous islands. But it´s not all beach in Colombia, there are countless wonders here such as the towering Andes with its lakes and mountains and the Amazon with its incredible diversity.

The capital of Colombia is Bogotá, the biggest city in the country and one of the most important capitals in the region. It is a city full of live with street art and markets, sparkling architecture and nightlife.