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Traveling to the Galapagos and Colombia Amazon Tours
This epic adventure follows some of Ecuador’s best hiking trails through national parks and nature reserves while you enjoy quality accommodations and authentic cuisine in colonial haciendas and rustic eco-lodges. Discover an extraordinary array of environments as you hike through vast landscapes full of wildlife and wonder, experiencing seven ecosystems in seven days. Learn about the rich history and culture of Ecuador’s indigenous tribes during fascinating Kichwa community visits.
7 Days from $2379*
Multisport Adventure Tour and Galapagos Wildlife Discovery

Experience the natural wonders and culture of the Andean and Amazon regions of Ecuador. This active multisport adventure covers the best of over 5 different, unique ecosystems.

Mountain bike through cloud forest, navigate the rivers of the rainforest, soak in natural hot springs, learn from ancient cultures and so much more. Our inspiring guides take you on an unforgettable journey of whitewater rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding, and trekking through one of the most diverse places on Earth.

6 Days from $2445
Galapagos Wildlife Discovery and Galapagos Stand Up Paddle
Explore the Andes of northern Ecuador through carefully selected biking venues filled with rich experiences, changing cultures, and breathtaking scenery. This area, inhabited for centuries by the Imbayas and their descendants, is alive and wonderfully diverse.
This tour delivers exceptional riding with stunning volcanic scenery, crater lakes, cloud forests, ancient ruins, and Indigenous and African-Ecuadorian rural villages. Discover an extraordinary country, both in ecosystems and cultures.
5 Days from $2314*
Galapagos Stand Up Paddle and Galapagos Island Tour Packages
We´ve crafted our exclusive Quito and Northern Andes Signature Journey with a high level of personalized options, ranging from close and authentic encounters with local artisans, artists, chefs; to luxury accommodations, superior customer service and private guides. Our culinary experiences flow between gourmet and organic, to street and market food.
5 Days from $2874*
Galapagos Island Tour Packages and Adventure Tour Galapagos
Travel with us on a magical train journey through amazing, breathtaking landscapes! This four day adventure takes you from the high Andes mountain range down to the Pacific coast. You´ll travel and discover impressive climatic transitions from fertile green valleys, yellow dry forests, magnificent paramos and, of course, magnificent historical haciendas.
4 Days from $2166
Adventure Tour Galapagos and Galapagos Vacation Packages
The Cuyabeno Reserve is the largest river lake system in the Ecuadorian Amazon. As you paddle along its waterways, you´ll encounter its amazing display of beauty, wildlife and astounding biodiversity.
This region is home to the greatest concentration of life per square mile in the world. The Cuyabeno is a complex system of lagoons, channels and rivers in the flooded tropical rain forest, making this 1,500,000 acres of protected forest a Stand Up Paddling paradise.
4 Days from $1599*
Galapagos Island Tour Packages and Colombia Amazon Tours
Nestled deep in the Amazon rainforest, on a 100,000-acre wildlife sanctuary, Calluacocha Lake hosts more than 500 bird species, 1,000 butterfly species, and 13 different species of monkeys, soaring, flitting, and swinging through the 1,500 species of trees that make up this part of the jungle.
5 Days from $2715*