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Best Travel Tour Companies and Galapagos Island Tour Packages


Galapagos Multisport Tour and Galapagos Tour Companies
Our Premium Multisport Adventure is designed for those who jump out of bed each day excited for the challenges, the wonders, the curiosities and sensory pleasures that lie ahead. With the reassurance of the safety and adventure expertise of our three decades’ of experience, discover a Galapagos that few will encounter – where the thrill of biking along deserted coastlines, swimming with curious sea lions and racing marine iguanas in your kayak, is part of daily life.
7 Days from $4100*
Galapagos Multisport Tour and Galapagos Wildlife Discovery
Challenge yourself to explore Galapagos with an intensity and variety that few will have the chance the experience. Hike and bike through volcanic landscapes, kayak over crystal seas teeming with marine life and snorkel among extraordinary endemic species, in the islands we figured out three decades ago are ripe for adventure and brought our expertise – and top-of-the-line equipment – to make the most of them.
5 Days from $1440
7 Days from $2070
Adventure Tour Galapagos and Best Travel Tour Companies

Discover this marine sanctuary and evolutionary hotspot by land. Its designed with the best service, deluxe waterfront lodging, gourmet experiences and remarkable naturalist guides in the islands, to offer you a most unforgettable journey.
You´ll have time to walk extraordinary lava trails, visit active volcano calderas, come close to giant tortoises in their natural habitat, snorkel and swim in clear tropical waters bursting with marine life, and relax on pristine, isolated paradise beaches.

7 Days from $6858*
Galapagos Island Tour Packages and Galapagos Multisport Tour
A truly privileged way to experience the magic and wonder of the Galapagos Islands, our Premium Wildlife trips have been crafted to be safe and stimulating, enriching and exciting. Drawing on our 26 years of experience, we designed this journey not only as a venture into the unknown, but as an expedition to your heart.
5 Days from $2599*
Galapagos Island Tour Packages and Galapagos Vacation Packages
Calling the curious, the insatiable, and those who live to learn and adventure! Explore and enjoy the Galapagos like few can. Hike, swim, snorkel. Get up close to amazing creatures and pristine nature. Learn from top naturalist guides. Kick back at our great, eco-friendly hotels. Explore at your own pace and avoid sea-sick cruising.
5 Days from $1340
7 Days from $1780
Traveling to the Galapagos and Galapagos Snorkeling
Experience the most original foodie Galapagos wildlife experience. Encounter wildlife and learn about the natural history of Galapagos Islands, while your chef, host, and naturalist guide shares his insight into local markets and recipes, creates gourmet dishes with local and organic products and takes you on a foodie journey that will transform your senses. This program is a priceless opportunity to learn new recipes and savor the finest products of one of the best-preserved islands on Earth.
8 Days from $4434*
Galapagos Vacation Packages and Traveling to the Galapagos
The Galapagos Islands are one of the most vibrant biodiversity sanctuaries in the world. This journey invites you meet the people who call these islands ‘home’. Community tourism is an alternative way to support local economies and encourage rural residents and artisans to share their ways of life with eager travelers.
7 Days from $3529*
Best Travel Tour Companies and Galapagos Vacation Packages

This adventure is a complete SUP experience with exclusive access to three different islands and multiple Islets.
Highly rated SUP naturalist guides combine sea and land excursions with a focus on natural history and evolution.
Come face to face with penguins, sea lions, marine iguanas, sea turtles and sharks as you SUP around the islands in this marine sanctuary.

7 Days from $5170*
Galapagos Island Tour Packages and Galapagos Vacation Packages
Learn why these enchanted islands are considered one of the “Wonders of the Underwater World”, with an active tour focusing on exploring the archipelago’s rich marine life. This comprehensive kayaking program offers exclusive access to four different islands and features expert naturalist guides who explain this magnificent marine ecosystem to you. You will have the chance to hike, bike, swim, and snorkel, complemented by a welcoming stay at our Opuntia hotels at the end of each day.
7 Days from $3573*