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Biking Along the Sandy Beach with a Friend

Isabela Essential Multisport

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Stroll Down the Endless Pristine Beaches

Embark on an active adventure that you'll never forget. Explore this magnificent country by land and by sea on a tour that will keep your feet moving but your heart full.


DAY 1: Bike though wetlands, pink lagoons and sandy beaches. Visit the breeding center and spy on the giant pink flamingos.

Without a moment to spare, we start our biking adventure along the amazing white sand beach that takes us to the historical site known as the “Wall of Tears”. During the 1950´s, Isabela was declared a penal colony by the Government of Ecuador. The prison environment was so isolated that the inmates built this wall from lava rocks just to keep their sanity.
After our historic stop, we cross the wetlands and reach beautiful sandy beaches, lagoons and amazing photography spots like Orchilla. In the afternoon, we take a walk through mangrove trails, passing “manzanillo” trees and other native plants. We arrive to the “Arnaldo Tupiza” Giant Tortoises Breeding Center and learn about how the Galapagos Park has invested years of research and dedicated patience to the recovery of these giant creatures, promoting their slow population growth.
Our day would not be complete without a walk around lagoons that are the perfect habitat for various birds including flamingos, common stilts, gallinules, pintails and whimbrels (B, L)

DAY 2: Kayak a chain of small islets called Tintoreras, its bay filled with rocky mangroves. Spot penguins and enjoy the incredible marine diversity Isabela has to offer, afternoon snorkeling.

Get ready for an incredible day of kayaking and snorkeling. We kayak through a maze of rocky mangrove areas at a place called Tintoreras, a group of small islets south of the town of Puerto Villamil. Here we find one of the smallest penguin in the world, also endemic to Galapagos. We´ll enjoy the company of playful sea lions, spotted eagle rays, turtles, iguanas, as well as blue footed boobies and other marine birds, all from your kayak.
Concha y Perla is a favorite local spot for snorkeling and searching for rays, sea turtles and reef fish. (B, L)

DAY 3: Hike to Sierra Negra Volcano and spend your afternoon at a local hacienda.

Our early breakfast sends us full of energy to a splendid 3 hour hike to the rim of one of the most spectacular calderas in the world, the Sierra Negra Volcano. One of the five main volcanoes that form the island of Isabela, it offers different ecological floors as we rise in altitude. The striking Vermilion flycatcher or the famous Galapagos hawk might accompany us during this hike.
Once you reach the edge of this 11 Km bowl of young lava, if you feel up to some more, you may continue to Volcan Chico, a live volcanic area with amazing views of the northern part of Isabela.
We take off to enjoy a local “criollo” lunch at one of the best local farms in the highlands. We´ll spend our afternoon visiting the grounds and collecting different fruits and vegetables to sample later on. Agriculture practices, animal farming, coffee plantations, sugar cane products made by the owners await us along with tales and legends of the first settlers. (B, L)

DAY 4: Explore Los Tuneles, one of the most beautiful spots for snorkeling and marine life interaction in Isabela.

After breakfast we get ready for our expedition to an area of volcanic underwater tunnels called “Los Tuneles”, considered one of the most amazing areas in the whole archipelago.
We take a speed boat and navigate about 45 minutes to the natural formation of hot lava that met thousands of years ago with the cold water of the ocean, forming this surreal landscape filled with unique marine life. Sharks, sea turtles, rays, fish, sea stars and sea horses live peacefully in this marine sanctuary.
We´ll also enjoy a short walk stopping at two snorkeling sites before our snack on board. We return to town to savor a local lunch. (B, L)

Quick Facts

Galapagos Islands: Isabela

Dates & Prices
4 Days from $1412


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Expedition Level
Easy hikes, snorkeling, and kayaking

Comfort Hotels: Casa Opuntia, Casita de la Playa, Isla Sol

Select Hotels:
Iguana Crossing, Angermeyer, Golden Bay, Casa Baronesa

Arrive to San Cristobal (SCY) Depart from Baltra (GPS) Book: Avianca, LATAM or TAME from Quito or Guayaquil We can arrange your flights from $565 – or do your own

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