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Our Journeys and Adventures offer the best in each of the Southern Galapagos Islands.
Galapagos for foodies 8 days
Classic Colombia- Bogotá, Medellín & Cartagena 7 days
Tanning on Rooftop of Best Hotels in Galapagos

Opuntia Hotels - Galapagos Islands

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We are committed to quality in all that we do, and we do it with pride. Please be our guest at one of these premium properties to experience the pampering and adventure you deserve. 

The Opuntia hotel experience

starSelect Class Hotels

Our Select Class hotels are rated as the top waterfront properties in the Galapagos Islands. The breathtaking ocean views and stunning décor, together with our attentive, warm, and professional staff, make these Opuntia properties a high- end experience. Our restaurants combine local and international gourmet cuisine. Infinity pools, in- room hot tubs, bars and private beachfront access provide you with the most exclusive Galapagos experience.

These first-class hotels strike a balance between discreet luxury and sustainability. In the sensitive Galapagos environment, we keep waste and contamination to the absolute minimum, reducing our footprint without compromising our quality.


armchairComfort Class Hotels

These properties are high quality bed & breakfast hotels, recently completely remodeled by our professional hotelier team. Within the limitations and sensitive environment of the Galapagos Islands, they are the most comfortable in their class and offer the best value for money. Their stunning oceanfront locations allow for the best access to beaches, piers, attractions and buzzing plazas. Our service team is warm, attentive to detail and always available, ensuring your experience meets your every expectation.