• Days: 5
  • FROM: $2182


Islets: 1      Islands: 3

Hotels: Opuntia Premium and Comfort

Activities: Wildlife interaction, hiking, snorkeling, swimming, and beach exploration.

Visit three fantastic islands in only five days: San Cristobal, Isabela, and Santa Cruz.

Each island has its own distinct personality, ecosystems, and wildlife. You´ll spend each night in one of our beautiful Opuntia hotels, and every day hiking along scenic coastlines, snorkelling among colourful and abundant sea life, and lounging on pristine beaches close to sea lions, iguanas, and more.

Comfort, quality, safety, and the most incredible wildlife interactions… this is the product of decades of experience in naturalist touring.

Come with us on this marvellous Wildlife Discovery in the best Opuntia Style!

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Trip Highlights

  • Authentic wildlife Interactions.
  • Award winning Guides.
  • Flow between islands and activities with minimal transit time.
  • All-Inclusive expedition (snorkeling equipment and all meals).
  • Ocean Front accommodations and gourmet cuisine.
  • Local family and community immersion combined with foodie experiences.
  • Snorkel pristine waters, in the best spot for sea lion encounters.
  • Support the local economy and get in touch with the local vibe.


DAY 1: Transfer to Santander and Reception in San Gil
DAY 2: Suarez Downhill Biking Adventure
DAY 3: Suarez Canyon River Rafting
DAY 4: Rappel Juan Curí Waterfall and Indio Cave Spelunking
DAY 5: Hike the Royal Road to Guane and Transfer to Giron
DAY 6: Transfer to Santa Marta and Sunset in Tayrona Hotel
DAY 7: Hike to El Pueblito Stone City – Tayrona National Park
DAY 8: Kogi Indigenous Encounter and River to Ocean Float
DAY 9: Transfer to Santa Marta

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