juan fernando duran

Juan Fernando Duran

After an early experience working on a documentary about the Huaorani people, Juan Fernando found his passion in helping travelers discover the wonders of his country. He studied Ecology and Tourism in Quito, as well as Quality Management during a year-long exchange in Germany. Juan Fernando has over 12 years of guiding experience, and has also worked in sales and operations.

He speaks fluent Spanish, English, and German. Juan Fernando has traveled and guided in every corner of the country, but his favorite spot is his rural cabin on the slopes of Tungurahua Volcano, where he goes to get away from it all. He is known as a people person, and is able to lead all kinds of individuals and groups, from endurance athletes to grandparents, on an unforgettable journey. Juan Fernando loves plants and birds, but what he loves most is sharing his passion for nature with inquisitive and active travelers.