Our Mision

Our commitment is to provide tourism experiences that are not only memorable and enriching but also environmentally friendly and socially responsible. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism, which balances the needs of visitors with the conservation and protection of the natural and cultural resources of the destinations we visit.

Our mission is to support a sustainable society and sustainable trade by supporting all stakeholders towards greater sustainability awareness. We aim to do this by minimizing and mitigating negative impacts on the natural environment and by being an active contributor to our local community and society at large.

Sustainability Policy

At Neotropic Expeditions, we strive for the integration of values and principles associated with sustainability in our internal processes, business operations, and relationships with all our clients and suppliers. We aim for this approach to differentiate us and make us a more sustainable, stable, and secure company, offering products of excellent quality and unforgettable experiences. We are convinced that the company needs to continually adapt to the environment and evolve with it to develop and maintain sustainability balance.

Neotropic Expeditions

Inspiration is the Destination!

Enjoying a Family Hike in the Galapagos Islands

Our Story

Our story is a pioneering one: a tale of taking risks and discovering the true meaning of adventure. We went to places where no one had been before and provided signature, personalized experiences beyond anyone’s expectations: intrepid trailblazers and bar-setters in our field. And we have done it all with passion.

Our Team

Now with expertise in Galapagos, Ecuador mainland and Colombia, the brothers have consolidated Neotropic Expeditions as the leaders in the high-end, soft adventure industry. But they didn’t do it alone. Learn more about the rest of the team and get to know us more!

Our Values

With every step they have stayed true to their values of supporting local communities and development, and their affinity with the natural world means that they’ve always put sustainability at the heart of everything they do, long before it became a fashionable buzzword. Find out more about our companies values.


Every journey focuses on natural history, culture, food and community-centric experiences that elevate it from a simple tour to an expedition to your heart. As a quick example: In the Galapagos, we pair unique culinary experiences with wildlife viewing or in Colombia we bring together coffee tasting and mountain biking.

Amazon Rainforst Hike with Interpretation.

Responsible Travel

We feel it’s a privilege to visit these beautiful places and so to make a positive difference there. We are committed to the preservation of our fragile and unique ecosystems along with the well-being of their people. This includes a leave-no-trace policy and a green footprint in the development of local communities.

Travel Standards

We believe in nothing short of excellence. Our team of seasoned guides and service crews are the best in their field. We provide ongoing training and certifications for all our staff, and we constantly upgrade and renew our equipment using the best brands in the business to ensure safety and comfort.