Culture and Walking Adventures

Get up close and personal with endemic animal and marine species, trek through fabulous natural history spots and interact with the special communities who call your dream Neotropical destination home. Our Cultural and Walking journeys curate light-active, culinary, wildlife and local experiences for a fulfilling journey of a lifetime.

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Top Selling Culture & Walking

    Signature Quito and Andes Journey

    5 Days

    We´ve crafted our exclusive Quito and Northern Andes Signature Journey with a high level of personalized options, ranging from close and authentic encounters with local artisans, artists, chefs; to luxury accommodations, superior customer service and private guides. Our culinary experiences…

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      Epic Treks of the Andes and Amazon

      7 Days

      This epic adventure follows some of Ecuador’s best hiking trails through national parks and nature reserves while you enjoy quality accommodations and authentic cuisine in colonial haciendas and rustic eco-lodges. Discover an extraordinary array of environments as you hike through…

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        Colombia Culture & Walking Quest

        14 Days

        Embark on a journey through regions of Colombia known for their rich culture and traditions. Beginning in Bogotá, your trip begins with a day dedicated to discovering local food, art and history. After exploring the capital, you’ll travel north, into…

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          Bogota, Santander & Medellin Cultural Experience

          9 Days

          On this journey, you’ll experience the traditions and culture of four provinces: Cundinamarca, Boyacá, Santander and Antioquia. The trip begins in Bogotá, with a day dedicated to discovering local food, art and history. After exploring the capital, you’ll travel north,…

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          Community Tours

          Community tourism is integral to our purpose. It involves a fair exchange which sees travelers benefit from the insight and experiences of locals, and locals benefit economically in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. You’ll have hands-on, authentic interactions with the community as you explore their artisanship, cuisine, agriculture and green initiatives, gaining inspiring and life-changing perceptions.

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          Foodie Tours

          Any adventure that you embark on in Latin America will turn out to be a foodie one, with exotic flavors, colors and aromas to sample wherever you go. What’s special about our Foodie Journeys is that they take you beyond the dish,introducing you to the people, the ingredients and the agricultural practicesthat created them.

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