Amazon Wildlife Kayak Exploration 5 Days

Amazon Wildlife Kayak Exploration

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Nestled deep in the Amazon rainforest, on a 100,000-acre wildlife sanctuary, Calluacocha Lake hosts more than 500 bird species, 1,000 butterfly species, and 13 different species of monkeys, soaring, flitting, and swinging through the 1,500 species of trees that make up this part of the jungle.

As you hike and kayak around Calluacocha and Pañacocha Lakes, you will certainly run into wildlife such as caimans, jaguars, otters, manatees, the rare pink river dolphin, and so many more vibrant Amazonian critters.

The lakefront lodge where you’ll stay provides an excellent home-base for your daily excursions, and offers you a chance to visit a close-by indigenous Kichwa community.

Most importantly, by taking this trip, you contribute to an economically and environmentally safe and sustainable tourism program with minimal impact to this fragile ecosystem.

*Rates apply for groups of 5 passengers or more. Rates are subject to change


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