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Signature Tours in Galapagos Islands

Galapagos hotel or cruise: What is the most inspiring way to see the islands?

Choosing between Galapagos by boat or land is like deciding whether you’d prefer a round-the-world trip or to live half the year in your version of paradise: ideally, you’d do both. The same goes for a trip to the world-renowned natural hotspot in the most remote location in the Pacific Ocean: a combination of a Galapagos hotel and cruise yields the richest, most rewarding experience. But what if you could…


The Development of adventure tourism in Ecuador: an interview with Marcelo Meneses, co-founder of Neotropic Expeditions

When Marcelo Meneses was 29 years old, he was a young man with the world at his feet. He had a Computer Science degree from Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles, he’d worked in a NASA jet propulsion lab sending a satellite to Jupiter, he had an MBA, and was earning billions of sucres (the former Ecuadorian currency) as a project manager for IBM in Ecuador. Why then, did the LA-born quiteño give it all…


Galapagos Islands Holidays

As you first fly over the Galapagos, 13 little specks way out 600 miles off Ecuador’s coast in the Pacific Ocean, the islands give little away of what you are yet to discover on your Galapagos vacation. Jagged, seemingly uninhabitable shocks of land surrounded by an infinity of blue do not make for the most promising of arrivals. Yet it’s this very ocean that holds the secrets to the extraordinary lifeforms that…