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Take inspiration to the next level, choosing from our diverse travel styles that focus in on the activities, sports, cultures and experiences that you and your family love. We curate each of our journeys, expeditions and adventures from the authentic experiences that we’ve hand-picked from decades of exploration, field research and interaction with local communities. Whether you’re into biking, kayaking, hiking, food, culture, natural history, or a mixture of all of these, we’ve crafted journeys in Galapagos, Ecuador and Colombia that were made for you.

Galapagos Multisport Tour and Colombia Adventure Tours


One of the most active and exhilarating ways to get under the skin of a Neotropical destination, these trips combine hiking, mountain biking and kayaking with cultural and natural history and wildlife activities in a game-changing travel experience.
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Following in the footsteps (or wake) or some of Latin America’s most intrepid adventurers, our expeditions open our guests’ eyes to new forms of exploring a destination as we make our journey on Stand Up Paddleboard or kayak.

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Get up close and personal with endemic animal and marine species, trek through fabulous natural history spots and interact with the special communities who call your dream Neotropical destination home. We curate active, foodie and cultural experiences for a fulfilling journey of a lifetime.

Galapagos Wildlife Tour and Biking Adventure


If you love biking, you’ll see the fabulous, other-worldly landscapes of the Neotropics not just as beautiful sceneries to admire, but as challenges to ride. From the volcanic terrain of the Galapagos to the extraordinary slopes of the Andes, you’ll encounter stunning views, diverse ecosystems and delightful cultures along the way.

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Kayak alongside caimans, otters and the rare pink river dolphins in the Amazon or with white-tipped sharks, penguins and marine turtles in the Galapagos with these environmentally-sound and sustainable tours. Beyond the wildlife and physical adventure, meet community members who’ll transform your way of thinking forever.

Galapagos Multisport Tour and Galapagos Vacation Packages


Accompanied by some of the region’s best guides, our hiking trips lead you on an epic adventure through national parks and nature reserves, resting in colonial haciendas and rustic eco-lodges. You’ll be well fed with enticing, authentic cuisine, learning of our rich histories and ecosystems.

Colombia Amazon Tours and Galapagos Island Tour Packages


Any adventure that you embark on in Latin America will turn out to be a foodie one, with exotic flavors, colors and aromas to sample wherever you go. What’s special about our Foodie Journeys is that they take you beyond the dish, introducing you to the people, the ingredients and the agricultural practices that created them.

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Community tourism is integral to our purpose. It involves a fair exchange which sees travelers benefit from the insight and experiences of locals, and locals benefit economically in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. You’ll have hands-on, authentic interactions with the community as you explore their artisanship, cuisine, agriculture and green initiatives, gaining inspiring and life-changing perceptions.

Multisport Adventure Tour and Colombia Amazon Tours


Discover the vibrant cultural, artistic and gastronomic richness of the city of Bogota before branching out for experiential encounters with locals in the countryside, where perfectly-preserved pueblos paint a vivid picture of the region’s colorful history.