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Two brothers Alfredo and Marcelo Meneses founded Neotropic Expeditions in 1991, a company that pioneered much of the adventure and culture specialty travel in Galapagos, Ecuador and Colombia and today remains the undisputed leader.

You could say that adventure and innovation are in our DNA. In fact, the only things that have stayed the same over the past 26 years (aside from our unfailing sense of humor) are our love for our planet, the authentic, transformative and inspirational experiences we craft, and our passion for service.

From the moment you make the decision to join us on an adventure, you become one of us and we treat you like part of the family. That is, the loving, caring, move-mountains-for-you kind of family – we won’t make you wash the dishes. Taking your wishes as our starting point, our expert travel designers work with a team of guides and experts to curate your journey – we don’t miss a thing. Creating memories of a lifetime is our purpose.


We believe everyone should experience the joy of adventure, nature and cultural travel. With that in mind, we have designed three different service standards for our Neotropic itineraries, ranging from highly personalized and high-end to scheduled and affordable – each one with experiences and accommodation hand-picked by us.

Best Travel Tour Companies and Galapagos Vacation Packages
Galapagos Vacation Packages and Galapagos Island Tour Packages


Personal. Privileged. Tailored. Our Signature Journey is the secret side door into a Galapagos that only few will encounter, with top hotels, exclusive, curated activities and your own bilingual guide so that every moment is meaningful and learning is guaranteed.
Galapagos Vacation Packages and Galapagos Island Tour Packages


You won’t sacrifice comfort for adventure with our Premium Journeys. Accompanied by an experienced tour leader on a special selection of our curated experiences, make the most of our top of the line equipment with the peace of mind that everything’s been thought through for you. Enjoy the independence to do things at your own pace, choosing from accommodation in our Opuntia Premium and Comfort hotels.
Galapagos Vacation Packages and Galapagos Island Tour Packages


Our Essential Journeys bring together the fundamentals for a life-enriching Galapagos adventure, each element hand-picked by our experienced travel designers. You’ll share group experiences and transfers with other adventure-lovers and be free to choose where, when and what to eat, and how you spend your leisure time. All with the reassurance of our professional planning, time-honed safety expertise and the best value for money.


What each of the hotels that we partner with across Ecuador and Colombia have in common is top, friendly service, attention to detail, and a particular charm that makes them stand out from the competition. That might be the best views, the closest proximity to the beach or the greatest access to wildlife.

When you travel to Galapagos, you’ll stay in our Opuntia Hotels, a network of leading oceanfront properties committed to personalized service and warm hospitality. Each hotel has its own charm, and all subscribe to the highest standards of quality, comfort, and sustainability. You can choose from two service standards:

  • Our Premium Class hotels offer a high-end experience, including spas, restaurants, swimming pools, and ample space for relaxation.
  • Our Comfort Class hotels offer great value accommodations with a boutique touch. Breakfast included.

*Please note, we will try our best to accommodate your first choice of hotel depending on availability.

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At the beginning of each of our itineraries, you’ll find an approximate physical effort level for each trip under typical conditions, ranging from “Easy” through to “Challenging”. Itineries rated “Easy” mean that no former experience or training is necessary to fully enjoy them. For those rated “Moderate”, no former experience is necessary, although there may be moments when you’ll push yourself more. “Challenging” denotes a more intense, strenuous level, for example longer hikes through uneven terrain or a rafting expedition lasting several days.

For all effort levels, you are responsible for being in sufficient health for the demands of the trip and we recommend a basic level of fitness to be able to make the most of the experience.

Note: Varying weather conditions can make even an “Easy” trip seem more “Challenging”.

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When it comes to safety and risk management, we believe in nothing short of excellence: our team of seasoned guides and service crews are the best in their field and we never cut corners. We provide ongoing training and certifications for all our staff, and we constantly upgrade our equipment to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

We carry full liability insurance and manage Technical Safety Standards for 10 different adventure activities.

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