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6 Ways to Experience Santander – Colombia’s Newest Travel Hotspot

Encompassing a range of dramatic mountains, rugged river valleys and charming pueblos, Santander is the newest captivating region in Colombia’s north Andes. It’s established a reputation as the country’s adventure hub and home to Colombia’s largest canyon, with no shortage of outdoor pursuits where you can be immersed in its natural beauty. But Santander is also rich in culture, with atmospheric colonial towns that boast incredible architecture and myriad opportunities…


Is the Evolution of Hotel Based Galapagos Touring Positive?

Land-based travel is good for the Galapagos and why you should choose it… Hotel-based travel in the Galapagos Islands has undoubtedly had a rough start. Since the mid-2000s, hotels grew rapidly and incoherently against the conservation objectives set out by UNESCO and the Galapagos National Park. Today, almost half of visitors opt for land-based tours. So, is it really sustainable, and what is really going on in Galapagos hotel-based travel?…