Colombia is located in the north of South America, and occupies the 26th place of the largest countries in the world because of its extension that has 1,038,700 km2 of land and 100,210 km2 water, making a total area of 1,138,910 km2. This nation is blessed for having from high Andes Mountains to Caribbean and Pacific beaches, but also unspoiled Amazon jungle. Besides archeological and colonial treasures, and wonderful cities.

The capital of Colombia is Bogotá, the biggest city in the country and one of the most important capitals in the region. It is a city full of live with street art and markets, sparkling architecture and nightlife. The currency is the Colombian Peso (COP) and some people are referring as well as Columbian.

Colombia is a marvelous country that has the whole package, if you want to be amazed and know a little of everything you should make up your mind and come to this wonderful Country, where you will find from beautiful Caribbean and Pacific shores with stunning beaches highlighting the turquoise warm waters and white sand beaches, coral reefs and islands gorgeous islands. But it´s not all beach in Colombia, there are countless wonders here such as the towering Andes with its lakes and mountains and the Amazon with its incredible diversity.



The closeness of the country to the equator makes small varieties of temperature all year long making a warm and tropical climate in the north and on the coast with a rainy season from May to November. The temperature is also regulated by the altitude that means that it will get cooler as we go up to the highlands but much colder as you go up in the mountains having very low temperatures at night in the coldest season. The Amazon has a very stable temperature during the year with warm temperatures and humidity.

According with the climate, the best time of the year to visit Colombia is at the dry seasons like summer in both hemispheres one is July and August and the other one from December to March. These seasons are very recommended if you are planning to Hike around or just enjoy the cities without worrying about the rain but at this time of the year there are several religious holidays where there is major tourist movement and everything is booked, so keep in mind this information if you are planning to travel to this region.


Colombia is located in the north of South America and shares borders at the north with the Atlantic with a wonderful Caribbean sea, at the east with Venezuela and Brazil, at the west with Panama and the Pacific Ocean and at the south with Peru and Ecuador. The Andes go along the Country going down to the lowlands to finally vanishing in the Atlantic coasts with the beautiful Caribbean beaches.

In the Pacific area and all along the coast you will find swampy lands and rocky little hills. This coastal lands spread in a trench going from Buenaventura to the Caribbean and at the east of this lands surge the Western Cordillera which, with the Central Cordillera come together towards the Caribbean from Ecuador and between this two Cordilleras lies the Cauca Valley where you will find many natural assets.



The most important Religion in Colombia is the Roman Catholic with the 90% of the people, some Protestants, and Jewish.

The official language is Spanish, but also there are more than 80 other dialects recognized in the country, most of them of different indigenous groups. In the San Andrés and Providence Islands, English is also considered as an official language.

It is a tradition for the Colombians to be very polite people, so don´t be surprised if you are a guest to be asked for some very black well-sugared coffee to drink and you will have the pleasure to taste the traditional Colombian coffee just like the Colombians drink it.

You will notice the difference between the people from the coast from the people of the Highlands, Spanish culture can still be predominant in some regions of the country, while in The Capital is easy to spot North American influence in their ways of dress and relate with others.