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Majestic Andes and preserved local “pueblos”, you’ll learn about local tradition and culture, as well as the adventure opportunities .

About Colombia

Colombia is located in the north of South America, and occupies the 26th place of the largest countries in the world. This nation is blessed for having from high Andes Mountains to Caribbean and Pacific beaches, but also unspoiled Amazon jungle. Besides archaeological and colonial treasures, Colombia also boasts wonderful cities.

The capital of Colombia is Bogotá, the biggest city in the country and one of the most important capitals in the region. It is a city full of life with street art and markets, sparkling architecture and nightlife, where you can spend your Colombian Peso to bring home treasures and souvenirs to help you remember this incredible trip.

Tour Colombia with the Experts

Colombia is a trendy destination that let you connect with an emotional, spiritual and life-changing journey. Colombia, the #1 country in biodiversity, 311 ecosystems, 365 days of tropical weather, 3.882 km of coast, 928.660 km2 of marine area, 6 snow mountains, 3 deserts, 36 paramos, 3 mountain ranges, but above all, the warmest people in South America, this is why Colombia is a trendy destination.

Enjoy this amazing destination by the hand of our expert team, We exist to create extraordinary and life-changing travel expeditions.

Colombia's Information


The closeness of the country to the equator makes small varieties of temperature all year long making a warm and tropical climate in the north and on the coast with a rainy season from May to ...


Colombia is located in the north of South America and shares borders at the north with the Atlantic with a wonderful Caribbean sea, at the east with Venezuela and Brazil, at the west with Panama and ...


The most important Religion in Colombia is the Roman Catholic with the 90% of the people, some Protestants, and Jewish. The official language is Spanish, but also there are more than 80 other ...