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Train Going Through City in Colombia


Full of life with street art and markets, sparkling architecture and nightlife.

About Colombia

Colombia is located in the north of South America, and occupies the 26th place of the largest countries in the world. This nation is blessed for having from high Andes Mountains to Caribbean and Pacific beaches, but also unspoiled Amazon jungle. Besides archaeological and colonial treasures, Colombia also boasts wonderful cities.

The capital of Colombia is Bogotá, the biggest city in the country and one of the most important capitals in the region. It is a city full of life with street art and markets, sparkling architecture and nightlife, where you can spend your Colombian Peso to bring home treasures and souvenirs to help you remember this incredible trip.

Tour Colombia with the Experts

Andes, Tayrona & Cartagena multisport, 11 days

Follow the famous legend of El Dorado, while experiencing the best of Colombia in superb active style. Discover the multiple facets of a country filled with nature, adventure and the passion of its people. A complete active experience that explores the rich Andean highlands, perfectly preserved colonial cities, cloud forests, immense gorges, pristine Caribbean beaches, rich rainforest and even a 5th century lost stone city. Colombia is Latin America’s best kept secret, a country still waiting to be discovered. Wonderfully un-crowded, this is an ideal opportunity to experience its history, culture and living traditions.

Start of multisport tour in Andes, Tayrona & Cartagena

Bogota, Santander & Medellin biking adventure, 10 days

Discover Latin America’s best kept travel destination by mountain bike! Explore beautiful landscapes, perfectly preserved colonial towns, charming people, and of course, incredible cycling routes!

This biking journey takes you through multiple ecosystems, from the high Andes to the lowland tropics. Discover the hidden treasures of Colombia through its back roads, and enjoying perfect settings in mystic colonial towns with quality stays at selected boutique hotels and haciendas.

Getting ready for biking adventure in Bogota, Santander & Medellin

Santander ultimate essential multisport, 7 days

Santander is home to beautiful rolling mountains, deep canyons, fast-flowing rivers and crystalline waterfalls, set in a stunningly lush landscape. It´s considered the adventure sports capital of Colombia, straddled by the immense Suarez and Chicamocha Canyons that provide exceptional biking, rafting, hiking and caving opportunities!

Resting during Galapagos multisport tour

Signature Columbia journey, 7 days

Colombia welcomes you with open arms! Their kindness is legendary, their people full of inspiring optimism and their scenic lands simply breathtaking.

Your journey starts in Bogotá, an amazing center of art and gastronomy. You continue on to the coffee region, and experience the production process of one of the finest coffees in the world. Experts show us how to prepare a perfect cup of this magic drink.

Outside lounge area on Galapagos family tours

Columbia's best, 12 days

Visiting Colombia is a multicultural experience. We have different cultures, landscapes, temperatures and traditions in every region, it might seem you are visiting four different countries!. This journey gives you the very best of each region, starting with Bogotá, the colombian capital, and continuing through the Andes to the coffee growing region, with quaint colonial villages from the XVIII century.

Aerial view of city in colombia

Undiscovered Columbia, 11 days

Your journey starts with a cultural, artistic and gastronomic exploration of Bogota and continues on a northern journey into the perfectly preserved world of the “pueblos”, where you´ll learn about their history, meet the locals, and have authentic, hands-on cultural experiences. We next turn our sights to the Caribbean, and the jungle wonders of the stunning Tayrona National Park and its remaining pre-Hispanic culture. Our adventure ends it with an immersion into the historic treasures of Cartagena, and a true Caribbean foodie excursion. This is an extraordinary high-end, soft adventure with superior guides and beautiful, luxury hotels.

Going on Galapagos Hiking Tour

Cartagena Express

Known as the “Paris of the Americas”, Cartagena is an iconic city full of history, culture and beauty. This tour extension provides select quality accommodations, a city tour peppered with legends of gold, emeralds, pirates and corsair attacks, with private airport transfer.

Seating Area for Rest on Cartagena Express

Bogota Express

This is a fantastic, in-and-out alternative to visiting Bogota. This tour includes two night accommodations at Premium or Comfort Hotels, two airport transfers, and unique city tour covering the top hot-spots of this capital city! Our Bogota experience focuses on local traditions, culture by example of food and art, and close encounters with the most welcoming locals. This thriving capital is a Latin American cultural hub worth exploring. Visit local markets, learn from century-old traditions, marvel at the gold museum pieces, and enjoy a drink over a stunning sunset.

View of Bogota

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The closeness of the country to the equator makes small varieties of temperature all year long making a warm and tropical climate in the north and on the coast with a rainy season from May to ...


Colombia is located in the north of South America and shares borders at the north with the Atlantic with a wonderful Caribbean sea, at the east with Venezuela and Brazil, at the west with Panama and ...


The most important Religion in Colombia is the Roman Catholic with the 90% of the people, some Protestants, and Jewish. The official language is Spanish, but also there are more than 80 other ...